Equal Parts Oklahoma and Dilbert, The Temp… stands out as a gloriously silly reminder that the old song-and-dance formula still has a lot of life left in it…

– Carolyn Petrie, Skyway News

The Temp: A Musical Comedy

The Music Box Theatre
1407 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN

The Temp rides again!

Paperwork is piling up. Copiers are breaking down. There's only one solution: The Temp.

Hero of the old west, he staples, files and collates with a gunslinger's precision. Yet when love blossoms between The Temp and top saleswoman, Ms. Swanson, he's tempted to change his temporary ways. Meanwhile, the employee that he has replaced returns to exact revenge upon the office that fired him.

Will The Temp save the day? Will he kiss the girl? Will he sing? (well, okay...that's a given).